Visit From The Farrier

All challenges require a lot of preparation and this is well under way for the Donkathon.


Accommodation for the two donkeys is of paramount importance and we have already been in touch with many generous people who have offered stabling for a night. We still have a few places where we don't have a contact as yet so if anyone can help with this – we would be most grateful


The donkeys are already beginning a training programme which involves them driving 5 days a week – this builds up their strength and endurance and will be gradually increased as the time gets closer. There are a lot of steep hills in Wales so we will do a lot of 'hill' practice.


There has been a lot of discussion as to whether donkeys should be shod for journeys such as this. Donkeys' hooves are very small and difficult to shoe and after taking a lot of advice especially from Colin Goldsworthy (probably the most experienced donkey farrier in the UK) we have decided not to shoe them but for them to go barefoot.

We had a visit from Colin Goldsworthy when he met our farrier, Tom Goddard who was keen to get advice on trimming donkeys' hooves which is different from trimming horses' hooves.

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