Rorrington to Forden

20 July 2021

Rorrington to Forden

The barbecue last night was lovely by the pool. It was a balmy evening. There were three extra guests, Frankie, who is a neighbour and runs a glamping business. She has a converted horse box and a yurt amongst the glamping possibilities.

David runs a racing horse stud and has 300 brood mares and his German wife Birte is a vet and is full time at the stud. They were both very interesting and have invited us to see the stud when we are en-route to Carolle's tomorrow. That will be our 'coffee break' for the donkeys and I think they will give us a stable for them while they show us round the stud.

Adrian and Sam run a business making and selling car covers and have contracts with R-R and other top car manufacturers.

This morning we did the donkeys at 0730 and then had a leisurely breakfast – we then harnessed them up and Peter and Elana walked the boys up to the top field where we put them to. We then had to get down through the field to avoid the cattle grid so we did a gentle slalom, traversing across the field and it all went brilliantly.

We said 'Good bye' to Sam and a few people who were waiting to wave us on our way. We had to change the route as the road was closed for roadworks but we had a very pretty drive down to a village called Marton where we joined a B road which virtually took us all the way to Forden. It was a very gentle day. Colin was the farmer at Upper Hem where he gave us permission to stop for our picnic lunch and the boys were able to munch beautiful grass so they were quite happy.

The team had two buckets of water ready for the boys, but they weren't interested and I think that is because there is enough moisture in the grass. Hilary and Cherry had prepared another delicious picnic lunch and we sat under a big oak tree. Colin, the farmer came to talk to us and gave us a donation. We then had a short run to Forden arriving at about 3pm.

We were staying with Mary and John Payne. Mary and I worked together at the Nuffield Orthopaedic Hospital in Oxford 53 years ago! We discovered on arriving that Mary's family used to own the farm at Hem where we picnicked! We did the donkeys as soon as we arrived, put Hoof Armor on and gave them a feed and lots of straw. Mary and John and Jackie their daughter had already prepared the stable with water etc.

We then relaxed and caught up with everyone's news and we managed to get a rest in as well. We have just had a lovely dinner in Mary and John's garden – Elana put the boys to bed and Peter fed, watered and walked Nelson so we are all ready to tuck down ready for an early start tomorrow

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