Saturday 10 July

We were up early to do the donkeys and after breakfast we all repaired to the Elms Hotel where we had coffee with David , Charlie and Sandy – we had a coffee with them before they set off for home kindly dropping Elana at North Littleton to pick up her car. We came back to the farm and did the donkeys' lunch time feed etc. and put more surgical spirit on Wizard's wound which has completely healed. We watched the Women's tennis finals in the afternoon and then recce'd an alternative route to Milson for Monday. It was a beautiful route through lovely country lanes but very hilly and nearly 3 miles longer than the original planned route. Peter was concerned about 3 miles of main road but I think that is better for the donkeys. We did the donkeys' evening feed, hooves, wound etc. and then had drinks and a lovely supper with Mary and Jim. My Goddaughter Camy came across to join us for supper and it was lovely to hear all about her exploits especially about her bee keeping.

If you haven’t bought one yet, please follow the link on our website to purchase one of these wonderful limited edition Mandy Shepherd prints of Muffin and Wizard. A snip at £25 and all for a great cause!

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