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24 July 2021

Llanfyllin to Pedairford

Another amazing day! We set off for Llanfyllin after breakfast = we met up with Peter Lewis and Carolle had done a bottle of champagne with a bow on it for the bride and groom (it was Peter's niece who was getting married) We harnessed up the boys and we set off with Blackie in front – Greg was acting as groom and we were behind with our usual crew – Carol and Elana. Peter Rushforth had recce'd a route on a 'white' road which worked beautifully. Nelson was able to run free and we didn't have to worry about traffic.

Soon we were in the town of Llanfyllin where we visited an old people's home. The old people came out on the balcony and some of the staff. They loved seeing the donkeys and Blackie and we stopped for a while and told them about the Donkathon. In the centre of Llanfyllin we kept getting stopped – children followed us and a little boy called Rowan kept popping up in a different place as he and his Dad dodged around the back streets to get in front of us again and again. People came out of their shops and those in the streets came up to speak to us, stroke the donkeys and lots and lots of donations.

On we went – Peter and Jackie had found a field suitable for a picnic and we drove in and unharnessed the boys. We tied them to the gate but people kept arriving so we had to keep moving them ! First Gareth, the farmer arrived and chatted to everyone – then Hilary, Rachael and Jane all arrived – it was great to see Rachael again. A friend of Carolle's called Jan joined us – she is Carolle's Tai Chi teacher and the sister in law of Chris who Carolle had worked with setting up a balloon company. Jackie organised a nice picnic and we all stood around chatting.

That morning Juliet Smith rang to say that she was going to join us tomorrow for the final day. She told me that she had an amazing experience. She was at a dinner for a retiring Deputy Lieutenant. She sat next to someone who she had met before but only knew vaguely – the dinner was in Sussex. The person next to her and said “ I want you to give a generous donation to rather an unusual charity – it is called 'Donkathon'!”

Our journey today was mostly on main roads so I did the Lion's share of the driving. It was fun, but not as relaxed as driving on country roads. We finally got to Pedairford. The donkeys were staying with Ruth and Christopher Belk. The donkey stable was beautifully clean and sizeable so the donkeys were soon settling in once we had put Hoof Armor on the hooves and fed them. Ruth and Christopher had very kindly got Pimms and soft drinks for us under a shady tree. Tracy wanted to stay with Blackie so she and Elana put up the tent they will share. Tracy is excited as it is many years since she has camped.

We arrived back at Carolle's excited, exhausted but yet another great day!

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