Negatives & Positives

9 July 2021


We had a lazy day in Mary and Jim's beautiful caravan. We went up to the Elms Hotel where we met up with David and Charles and Sandy. David's sister, Gwin and her husband Ian were there. Gwin trained as a nurse at the Middlesex having started off as a physio so although she is younger than me, the same physio staff were still there when she started her training. Ian was head of music at Malvern College so a lot in common and lots to talk about. Gwin organised us all to do a lateral flow test which caused a lot of amusement but luckily we all were negative. After the others had gone we sat in the hotel lounge and did some e-mails. We then went to the dreaded Tesco and stocked up for lunch and for Carolle and Elana for supper. After a short rest, we got dressed up in our glad rags and went to meet Jane and Cassian Roberts. They had organised the dinner for the evening but then Jane got Covid so couldn't come to the dinner. We talked at a distance on the patio overlooking the River Teme and surrounding hills – Shelsley Walsh. We then went to Alice and Mike' Timmis' where the dinner had been transferred to. Everyone mingled on their lawn with wonderful views over the Teme Valley and Air Strip below. Everyone was very friendly and we mingled easily. After a while dear David Miles introduced me with far too many accolades and as per usual quite a bit of humour! I gave a short talk and then a lovely lady called Rachel gave a very powerful speech about what it was like living with MS. We sat on Mike and Alice's table for dinner with David as well. We had a delicious salmon dinner followed by delicious desert. In the interval between courses we all went out of the marquee to watch the most stunning sunset. The High Sheriff auctioned the number 1 print and Charlie Bosher was the winner. We really appreciate his support and generosity. At 11.30 pm, we were all still sitting there so we made our excuses and made for home (caravan) and tumbled in to bed at 12. 15 pm

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