Lady drivers and outdoor jivers…

Saturday 3 July - Saintbury to North Littleton

We had a delicious supper last night at the Fleece in Brentforton. This is an old 14th century pub and one of two pubs owned by the National Trust. At the end of the meal the Landlord came up and we told him about the Donkathon. As we went outside a band was playing sixties music and Peter and I did a little jiving. Following that the Landlord came out and thrust a huge donation into my hand. The kindness of so many people is quite overwhelming. This morning we left at about 10am gave William and Laura a ride to the end of their drive. They are sweet kids (children of Miranda and Alex) and they both gave us a donation out of their pocket money. It was an easy ride but a lot of traffic driving very fast. Very soon we found Peter and Muir outside the village hall in Honeybourne. This was our picnic spot – but it was only 11.15! However a little girl was having her 5th birthday in the village hall, and they all came rushing out to say hello to the donkeys – it was very special and Carolle took lots of photos and several of the parents donated to MS Research. Muir Parker had got us a delicious lunch. The local farmer across the road came up for a long chat – originally from Devon, he farmed most of his life near Bicester and now has retired with just 40 acres in Honeybourne. The next surprise was Deirdre turning up. She sat with us for a while which was lovely. Back on the road, an enormous articulated lorry approached. It slowed down almost to a stop when it saw us. The window was open so I shouted a thank you and told the driver it was the best lorry ever. It was a lady drive and she was chuffed to bits to be told she was the best driver. Approaching North Littleton, the clouds built up and the heavens opened – we got absolutely drenched! We were only about ½ a mile from Claire's but it was long enough for the donkeys and humans to literally be dripping with water. When we arrived at Claire's there were loads of people there. Old donkey friends, too many to mention by name and then several BWPA (British Women Pilots' Association) members were all staying in the next village of Cleeve Prior with Diana Hough. Claire had arranged an enormous tea party and we managed to chat to most people in between doing donkey hooves, rubbing the donkeys dry and setting up the electric fencing around the horse box.

Tomorrow is Sunday – a rest day so not Blog tomorrow – back on Monday.

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