‘Ello ‘ello ‘ello - what ‘ave we got ‘ere then?

Tuesday 29 June Swinbrook to Little Barrington

A leisurely breakfast, and then back to the Walkers to harness up the boys and clean the stable. The boys were so keen to go they almost galloped up the hill! We had the most glorious drive along the Windrush valley. It was cloudy and cool, but that suited the boys really well, and Nelson was able to run alongside. Before long we reached the centre of Burford having had several donations en route. We were able to park just outside Huffkins the famous bakery in the middle of Burford and before long people began to gather round and take photos and give donations. A couple we hadn't seen for 18 years were wandering along the High Street so we had a long chat to them. We lunched at a spot just outside Burford where we could tie the boys up and they could munch grass. We then drove down a beautiful narrow lane with cows grazing in the fields and rolling hills covered in poppies and flax. The wildflowers in the hedgerows were stunning and we ambled along – not a care in the world! As we approached Little Barrington we were met by some old friends from the Donkey Breed Society, Angela and Peter Scales and we had a long chat to them, and of course they presented us with a bag of carrots for the donkeys. We finally met up with Sophie Bainbridge, our host for the night and soon we were settling the boys into a luxurious stable – applying the famous 'Hoof Armor' and sipping welcome cups of coffee.

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