Drayton Green to Charney Bassett

Saturday 26 June

We started our drive from Drayton Green – and there were a whole lot of people there to wave us on our way – lots of old friends as we had lived in Drayton for over 30 years. We set off along the main road to Steventon, the traffic was very heavy so we had to pull in wherever we could. At one point we had a queue of 85 cars behind us! We called in at the Old Farmhouse Bakery in Steventon where there were lots more people waiting to greet us – we were given hot coffee on the house and Rodney Bitmead the owner and old friend came out for a chat. Lots of friends there to greet us so all in all we spent 45 minutes there. Wizard and Muffin stood perfectly still all through – but loved all the attention. On we went towards the Hanneys and we pass a bus stop – a lady hails us and said 'I've got MS' and thrust a £10 not into our hand. The power of television is amazing and people were lowering their windows and thrusting money at us 'we saw you on tele' they all said! One lady hooted her horn and stopped her car about 100 yards from us – she rushed back waving a £20 note and saying 'I just want to wish you the best of luck'! Amazing! We stopped for picnic lunch on the Green in West Hanney – and suddenly an old friend rushes up – we hadn't seen her for years and it transpired she lived just across the road – a welcome 'loo' stop and great to see her and Chris Spence who we have known for over 50 years and has been an avid supporter of the Donkathon. Finally we reached our destination near Charney Bassett and met up with the Benson family who had made a wonderful make shift stable in a barn – we settled the boys down and had a quick 'cuppa' with the Bensons and then over to Longworth where we were staying the night with very old and dear friends, Eric and Ellis Auckland. Another tremendous day!

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