Come on England!

Wednesday 7 July 2021

Sale Green to Claines

We had a lovely meal in the Chequers at Crowle and Lucy Harris made us so welcome at her beautiful home, Green Farm. I whizzed up to Alison and Nigel's to help Elana groom and muck out the boys at 7.30 am – We put on the hoof armor as we were not able to do it the night before as their hooves were too wet. Having finished the boys we went back to Lucy's for a great cooked breakfast. Lucy was so generous and gave us a wonderful donation. She has three donkeys who are gorgeous and very friendly. David Miles, Charles and Sandy Bosher our new helpers arrived and we set off on a warm if cloudy day. We stopped for lunch after about 4 miles at a hotel car park where the boys could munch grass. As we started our lunch the heavens opened and we had the most enormous of storms. The dog got in the car but the donkeys got pretty wet in spite of having their raincoats on. We all stood outside in the rain and ate a delicious lunch carefully prepared by Sandy. The rains eventually started to abate - so we set off but the road outside the hotel had flooded and poor Elana had to take her shoes off to lead the boys through as they were absolutely saying 'no' to going anywhere near the flooded road! Once through there we were on our way again. Beautiful narrow lanes and several people stopped and offered donations as usual, one lady who actually had MS stopped as well as several others. We had to do a half mile section of A road so Charles and David went ahead with flashing lights and Peter followed with the trailer and an enormous sign asking people to drive carefully – donkeys ahead. The driving was absolutely shocking. Positively dangerous. Solid white line up the middle but literally no-one took any notice. One lorry driver tried to overtake straight into the path of an approaching car. I shouted and yelled at him and called him a fool – but he took no notice. I was scared witless and can't believe there are so many blatantly dangerous drivers on the road. Once off the main road we meandered through country lanes led expertly by David and Charles and the boys loved following the car with flashing lights. Whilst en-route I had a phone call from Radio Oxford – they want to do an update at 7.30 am on Friday morning. I also had a phone call from Judy and Nick Kerr – friends from Southampton on their way to Wales – they thought 'lets try to find Polly and her donkeys' and we managed to link up with them at Claines, our destination.

We were met by Peter Phillips as we crossed the bridge and he and Julia, our hosts made us so welcome with a stable all ready for the boys. As we drove down the drive Peter and Julia's four dogs came charging out at the donkeys. Muffin gave an enormous bray and Elana rushed forward to reassure them – all was fine. We are about to go to a drinks party which the Philips have kindly put on for us and then we will join David, Charles and Sandy for dinner in Omberdsley. - another great day and all sealed with a Harry Kane goal and a place in the Euros final for Englan!🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

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