All roads lead to Rome

Sunday 11 July 2021

Recce for tomorrow

Carolle, Peter and I did the boys this morning. All is well and Wizard's sore is completely healed. We just have to be really careful not to open it up again. After breakfast we went by car to recce two possible routes to Milson from here. There is a country road most of the way but it adds an extra 2.5 miles and windes up very steep hills which would be a challenge for the first time after the long rest – not a good idea with a newly healed sore. The alternative route is along the main road for 3 plus miles which would cause a huge traffic jam and Peter was worried the driving would be dangerous as it was on the main road before. - We looked at a place to box them to but in the end we decided to box them to the centre of Milson where there is a lovely green by a church where we can have a picnic and the boys can eat grass. We will then drive them around the village area on gentle roads before going to our destination of Clod Hall. We called on Carola Morrison at Clod Hall who showed us her perfect stable for the boys and plenty of room to put the trailer. She insisted on showing us the rooms as well which was very kind of her. She is doing this as a favour for her old school friend Ro Taylor who was on my 'Wings Arouond the World' Committee, as she gave up doing B&B ten years ago. We then drove further up the road to the Royal Forester pub but they don't serve dinner on Sundays. We rushed back and quickly changed before we went out to lunch at the Sapley Golf Club. Jim, Mary, Camy, Carolle Peter and me had a fun lunch at the Golf Club – it was a carvery so we were able to go up and help ourselves or at least we were helped to the meat and then we helped ourselves to vegetables. We had lots of laughs and a jolly time. We then drove to a local farm shop to try to get something for Oscar's supper but it was closed. Peter then discovered a Pizza shop in Tenbury Wells so we decided that was what we had to do. We then came back and watched some of the men's finals tennis. Oscar arrived at 4.30pm and we did the donkeys and showed Oscar where everything is.

Oscar brought some sheepskin harness covers which Tracy had kindly sent along with a super card. She has been drumming up support from all her friends to make up the miles we have missed. It is fun to think of lots of other people helping out in this way. Peter and Oscar went to get the Pizzas and we are all settling down to watch the football!

addendum - congratulations Italy 🇮🇹!!!

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