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Adam Henson (Countryfile’s Foxy Farmer)

Friday 2 July - Kineton to Saintbury

We had a lovely supper last night in the 'Half Way' pub in Kineton with Sally Ann and Mickey Morrissey and Ali and Maurice Emtage. Maurice is a saddler and amazingly Ali's father used to fly Hurricane's in the Battle of Britain in 605 Squadron which was the Squadron 'our' Hurricane was in!! Ali came down this morning with all his log books. Sally Ann and Mickey live in the house that Rachael was brought up in!

At 8.30am promptly Adam Henson (from Countryfile) arrived with a photographer. We did a photo shoot with Adam leading the boys through the ford at Kineton with me driving. They wanted to do it a second time, but the boys got anxious and nearly tipped the carriage over. We calmed them down and they did the business perfectly – they are absolute stars. Mikal

Today was to be one of the longest days, so after doing the photo shoot we decided to give Adam's Farm Park a miss as it would add nearly an extra 2 miles. Not wanting to push the boys too much we stopped for a coffee break on a grass verge so the boys could munch grass for 20 minutes. We then went on to Broadway Tower where we had a picnic lunch. We tied the boys to the trailer and they munched grass for at least an hour while we had lunch. There were some picnic tables – Oscar sat down on one side and the whole thing tipped over landing Oscar on the grass – so we all tried hard to sit evenly on both sides but Carolle then got up suddenly and the whole thing nearly tipped over with Peter, Rachael and me on the other side! No-one was hurt so we had a good laugh.

One cyclist went past and shouted 'Steady, steady' and another car went past and the people opened the window and 'Hee-hawed' loudly out of the window. A couple cycling by stopped for a chat so we gave them one of Rachael's home made biscuits. I opened up my e-mails this evening and found he had made a donation on line! One car turned round specially to come back and give us a donation and many many people stopped and gave us something. Quite a few had relations with MS. A guy called Guy Birch arrived at his house as we were passing – he came over to have a chat. “I see they are not shod” he said – I replied “It is not easy to shoe donkeys” he said “It is possible” so I asked “Are you a farrier” to which he replied in the affirmative! We had a long chat and he remarked on how fit the boys looked. He told us he was 80 – it was a delightful few minutes talking to him. He was called Brian Birch. We then passed a field with about 50 alpacas – with lots of baby alpacas it was an amazing sight. We came to a junction on the old Roman road and we had to ask at least 5 people which way to go to Broadway Tower! Eventually we found a local who directed us in the right direction. The last leg down to Saintbury was a very steep hill, and we had to go down very slowly so the boys didn't slip - but they were fantastic

Finally we arrived at Saintbury Grounds Farm. Here we were met by Miranda and Alex Haynes and their two children Lara and Liam. Miranda showed us to the beautiful stables in a large shed. To get there we had to cross an open metal drain – Wizard took one look at it and did an enormous leap across it! Having settled the boys we are now relaxing in our beautiful apartment. Miranda and Alex have very kindly waived the fees for this which is so so generous of them, as they run this as a business. It is self catering but when we got into the flat there was a yummy home made wholemeal loaf of bread with butter and strawberry jam. Everyone is so so kind.

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