A Command Decision

Thursday 8 July 2021


Poor Wizard has a sore where the harness has rubbed. Although not very bad, I took a 'command decision' to temporarily halt the Donkathon and let him have a few days off to let the sore heal. I contacted Julia (in this old photo), my vet at Larkmead Vets at home and by the time she got back to me, I was already doing all the things she suggested. We decided to 'box' the boys and take them straight to Mary and Jim Goddard's in Eardiston. There we are able to stay for four days until Monday morning. With the frequent application of surgical spirit we can keep it clean and let the skin harden. Oscar will bring the sheepskin covers for the girth straps and we will continue from Monday when we go to Milson. Carolle and Elana hatched a plan, to ask anyone who drives donkeys or ponies to do 'A mile for the Donkathon' – we will miss 23 miles so all we ask is that anyone wishing to help us out in this way does a mile or more in their local area and then lets us know through the contact 'button' on – giving their name and how many miles they have managed to do. It would be great if lots of people just felt they could help in this way. An exciting way to turn round a slight 'hiccup'!

The most amazing thing happened. Last night our hosts Julia and Peter Phillips at Claines hosted a drinks party and the guests were asked to contribute to MS Research. They collected the magnificent sum of £240. The party was supposed to be outside but because it was still raining they had it in the open garage. When Peter came to pay for our accommodation in the morning, although they are an official B&B they refused to let us pay anything – so we sent the money to MS Research.

Peter, David Charles and Sandy drove over to Eardiston with the carriage in the trailer – they then came back and loaded the donkeys and brought them over here to Jim and Mary's farm where they have an enormous barn to roam in. We are staying in real luxury in a caravan in the sheep field overlooking the most glorious countryside so we will get a chance to relax as well.

Sandy had organised another delicious picnic, so I offered to navigate to the picnic spot we had found near the river Teme at Shelsley Beauchamp. I missed a turning and we ended up going on a lengthy tour of Worcestershire! When we finally found the picnic spot – I had a lot of 'ribbing' from the team in the following car! We are off tonight for a dinner at the Baiting House with the Timmis' where we were supposed to be staying tonight.

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