Help Needed, Please!

* If you are able to help in anyway, please contact us here, thank you!

Taking on any challenge requires a lot of thought, preparation and hard work. Above all no challenge is achievable without the help of many people. Polly is fully aware of this and will try her hardest to minimise any inconvenience. She is extremely grateful for any help given however small.


This is what Polly needs:


Stabling for Wizard and Muffin each night

  • To Polly this is the most important thing. Wizard and Muffin are fully vaccinated donkeys. They always share a stable. Polly will provide all that they need to eat and will bring all necessary equipment including a bucket for water (she will need water please). She will leave the stable in as good condition as she finds it. Donkeys cannot just be put in a field because they overeat and are prone to laminitis.

  • If you can help with this, or put Polly in touch with someone in your area who may be able to help she would be most grateful.


Volunteers to help with driving the donkey trailer

  • The donkey trailer will carry all fodder and equipment. Peter (Polly's husband) will drive it some of the time, but will need to be relieved from this duty sometimes!


Suggestions for suitable B&Bs for the night in your area (up to 3 rooms needed)

  • Polly will have a groom with her at all times and a stable hand to help with the donkeys. Also the driver of the vehicle (if not Polly's husband)


Help with fund-raising

  • Any ideas gratefully received.