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Around-the-World pilot comes down to earth

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David Searle (David has Multiple Sclerosis) writes:

‘Donkathon’ is the latest idea from one of the world’s top female pilots, and serial fundraiser, Polly Vacher.
Polly plans to take her two donkeys, Wizard and Muffin, on a month long, 200 mile adventure from South Oxfordshire to North Wales to raise money for the MS Society. Polly's nephew has MS.

Polly has previously flown solo, twice around the world, in a single engined aircraft, including over the North pole and the Antarctic. She raised over £500,000 for the charity, 'Flying Scholarships for Disabled People'.

Following unsuccessful eye surgery, Polly is no longer able to fly. Keen to find another fundraising project, Polly has come up with ‘Donkathon’. 

Polly with Globe.jpg

Donkeys Wizard and Muffin, live with Polly and her husband Peter near Oxford. Whilst in hospital following her eye operation, Polly received a card from Christine Browne, the Guardian of St Melangell in Powys, North Wales. ‘Donkathon’, the idea of driving her donkeys to St Melangell, was born.


Starting in late June 2021, the journey is expected to take four to five weeks, covering a maximum of 10 miles on travelling days. Polly is encouraging people to get involved with the journey, particularly those with MS who may wish to ride along for a day, and anyone who might like to help in some way.

Follow Polly on Facebook here: or visit the contact page to get in touch. See more about St Melangell here or by clicking the logo below. 










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